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Product group: Temperature Sensor

NTC thermistor

  • Measuring range -40°C to 300°C
  • Compact design
  • Customization possible
The NTC sensor is used to measure and monitor critical temperatures on surfaces and inside machines and systems. Application examples are temperature monitoring on bearings, on busbars, on machine parts, in windings or in air conditioning systems. The functional principal: The NTC sensor is a temperature-dependent component. If the temperature rises to the desired value, the resistance of the NTC sensor drops considerably. Its characteristic is non-linear. The advantages of the NTC are the low mass of the sensor and the associated fast response time.Zusatztext-code
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Use our experience and advice to make the best possible choice. Your information on the intended use and environmental influences provide the basis for an optimal solution:RK_PRODUCT_NOTIZEN-2

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