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Product group temperature sensors

Here we offer you sensors that react to temperature influences with a change in resistance. A corresponding evaluation unit is always required to evaluate this change in resistance. A distinction is made between the linear resistance curve as with the PT100 / 1000 and the sudden resistance curve with the PTC or NTC.

The sensors presented here are only examples and we would be happy to adapt them to your application. The PTC or NTC sensors are intended for thermal machine protection as a temperature-dependent component. In the area of the fixed nominal response temperature, the resistance of the components changes considerably, so that the change in resistance can be easily recognized via an external evaluation module. Basically, the simpler PTC and NTC serve more as monitoring component and only, to a limited extent, as a control unit. An additional evaluation unit is necessary to monitor the resistance. With PT / 1000 sensors, a very precise monitoring can be carried out since the resistance changes linearly. Depending on the evaluation unit, extensive controls can be made. You can choose between different precision classes. A corresponding evaluation unit for the linear profile must be available i.e. matched to the accuracy class, or ordered separately.

There are many more possibilities, as we can present here.

Give us a call. We will gladly take time for you.