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Product group: Temperature Fuse

Fuse with mounting clip

bis 318°CUntergruppe- Bildunterschrift
  • Normally open (NO)
  • Switching temperature up to 318°C
  • AC Voltage up to 230VAC
  • Power switching up to 15A
Data from your applicationData from your application
°C Switching temperature
Current (Ampere)
Power rating (Voltage)
The fusible link fuse of the 155.431 series in the open switch construction can switch off a final load circuit of up to 13,5A at 230V. The design, with fastening bracket and plug-in connections, enables simple assembly and connection. Due to the design, clean ambient conditions must be ensured so that the contact system doesn´t get dirty. After the fuse has tripped, it must be replaced as a whole component. The ceramic body enables a release temperature of up to 318°C.Zusatztext-code
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Use our experience and advice to make the best possible choice. Your information on the intended use and environmental influences provide the basis for an optimal solution:RK_PRODUCT_NOTIZEN-2

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thermal fuse 155.431 fuse

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